Top Gift Picks for July!

Top Gift Picks for July!

Top Gift Picks for July!

It is our goal at Little Lincoln’s Toy Shop to help you find the perfect gift! There are so many different gift combinations and ideas… these are our top gift picks for July!


Sensory Shower Gift

Recommended Age: Newborn 

Noggin Stik - Ages 0+

O-Ball - Ages 0+

Flip Fish - Ages 0+

     NogginStik                      OBall                             Flip Fish

Toddler Tub Time

Recommended Age: 3-5

Bathtime Crayons - Ages 3+

Duck Bath Boat - Ages 1 ½+

Bubble Bath Whisk - Ages 3+

Bathing Ball Track - Ages 3+

Bathtime Crayons      Duck Bath Boat     Bubble Bath Whisk  Bathing Ball Track

Crafty Kid 

Recommended Age: 4-6

Mad Mattr - Ages 3+

Sticker Sun Catchers - Ages 4+

Creativity Can - Ages 4+

   Mad Mattr Quantum Pods           Sticker Sun Catchers      Creativity Can

Flying Fun in the Sun

Recommended Age: 6-10

S-Series Glider - Ages 6+

Freedom Glider - Ages 6+

Shark Glider - Ages 6+

Mini Rainbow Delta Kite - Ages 3+

Foam Fliers - Ages 5+


                             S-Series Glider                                Freedom Glider


   Shark Glider         Mini Rainbow Delta Kite                   Foam Fliers

These are just a few different great gift combinations! Come in and visit Little Lincoln’s Toy Shop and we will be happy to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion!

*Some items are not available online. There is a possibility for some items listed to be sold out.* For any questions call (217) 670-1326