7 Boredom Buster Activities for Families

7 Boredom Buster Activities for Families

7 Boredom Buster Activities for Families

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Keeping families entertained can be a difficult task.  Toys, games, and puzzles can be a great way to keep little ones from getting bored.  Here are 7 fun activities to help end boredom:

Build a LEGO bridge

Most families have tons of LEGO bricks lying around. Challenge your family to build a bridge out of bricks and see how much weight it can support.  Gently place small exercise weights (1-5 lbs.) on the bridge to see if it stands up to the challenge. If it fails, go back to the drawing board and make adjustments to the design.

This activity is great for problem solving, spatial reasoning, and engineering skill sets.

Alphabet Art

Encourage creativity by transforming letters of the alphabet into works of art.  Start out by drawing a large uppercase or lowercase letter on a blank piece of paper.  Have your child transform the letter into something that starts with it (example "B" for bumblebee).  

This activity is a great way to work on learning the alphabet, letter recognition, and spelling.

Throw a Tea Party

Dress up and stage a tea party for your family and their favorite stuffed animals. Partake in the festivities and have conversation starters prepared to get the party going.  

This activity is a great way to create memories and encourage pretend play.

Puzzle Time

Pull out a puzzle and set a timer.  See how much you can get done in 20, 30, 40, or 60 minutes.  Work together as a team with a common goal of trying to get as many pieces together in your allotted time.  Higher piece count puzzles will be more of a challenge.

This is a great bonding activity and encourages teamwork.  

Become a Young Author

Take a children's book or fairy tale and get creative by writing an alternative ending for it.  Take turns one sentence or part at a time and see where the story leads.  

This activity encourages teamwork and creative thinking.

Start a Band

Dig out that harmonica at the bottom of the toy box and get out the pots and pans for your very own musical act.  Get creative and turn everyday household items into musical instruments.  Play along to your favorite songs or come up with your own tune.

This activity promotes creativity and can be great for all ages.

Invent a New Sport

Most families have lots of sports equipment lying around.  Invent your very own sport by using different pieces of equipment.  Set out the rules for game play and test them out.  Make adjustments when needed and see how creative you can get! 

This activity helps get families active and working together as a team.

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